Small training groups workouts for week of Nov. 9

We have a new time and place for Tuesday’s small training group workout…4:00 pm at Memorial Park in San Anselmo.  We should be finished by 5:00, just when it is getting dark.  Here’s the rundown for the week of Nov. 9:
Tuesday, 4pm, Memorial Park, San Anselmo
Dumbbell squats and thrusters, dips, snatches, leg lift crunches plus a 10-min amrap.
Thursday, 8:00 am, Forest Knolls Park
Single Leg Dead Lifts, dumbbell floor press tempo, Turkish Get Ups or alternative get ups plus a 16-min emom.
Thursday, 4:00 pm, beginning, Women’s Fitness Center
Single Leg Dead Lifts, barbell floor press, Turkish Get Ups or alternative get ups plus three three-min amraps with 60 sec. rest between each