Fitness Defined Personal Training with Deirdra

Hi!  My name is Deirdra Rogers.

I am a personal trainer, and my business, Fitness Defined, has provided personal. semi-private and small group fitness training, including older adult training, in Marin County, California for 28 years.

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I believe we are all athletes at different levels.

My goal is to help people get more fit… lose fat, build muscle, increase aerobic capacity and improve flexibility. Find the program below that is right for you.

Personal and Semi-Private TrainingSmal Group TrainingOlder adult trainingSpecial Event Prep

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Let me help you discover the joy of fitness with a customized program designed to meet your fitness preferences whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility or increased longevity.  I will craft programs that evolve with your progress.

Personal and Semi-private Fitness Training

Personal  Fitness Training

Experience the ultimate in personalized attention with private fitness training sessions.  I will create a customized workout plan exclusively for you, ensuring undivided attention and support throughout your fitness journey in a club, small gym, your home or on Zoom.   Enjoy the privacy of a dedicated space where you can focus on your goals without any distractions.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Share your training with a friend, relative or spouse.  Semi-private training offers a cost-effective alternative to private sessions while  still providing the benefits of personal attention.  

Small Group Fitness Training

The those who thrive  in a supportive group dynamic, my small group sessions of three to six participants offer the perfect blend of camaraderie and individualized attention. Work out alongside like-minded individuals while still receiving personalize guidance from me.

Older Adult Training…tailoring Fitness for Longevity

Understanding your unique needs

As an older adult with 40 years experience in the fitness business and a specialized certification in Older Adult Fitness, I recognize the distinct needs and considerations that come with age.  Through a comprehensive understanding of  your health history, mobility and fitness objectives, I tailor exercise programs that prioritize safety, functionality and enjoyment.

Special Event Prep

If a very special day is on the horizon, you want to look and feel your best.  Whether it’s an upcoming vacation, wedding, birthday…whatever important event you want to prepare for, I will provide workouts that help firm and build muscle and destroy fat, improve nutrition and provide weight loss counseling if needed, and help  you look and feel great at your event. You will participate in your event feeling confident about your health and fitness.

Locations for training include:

Fairfax Gym in Fairfax, Move Strength and Conditioning Studio in
San Rafael and Woodacre Improvement Club in Woodacre.(membership required.) We can also meet
at your home or online through Zoom.