Will Fitness Defined’s fitness program work for me?

You know you should exercise, but you get bored and can’t stick with it!

Is this you?

It doesn’t take hours of repetitive exercise to reap the benefits. I can show you how to get an effective conditioning and strength workout in 20 minutes. You can even do them on your own between training sessions.

With Fitness Defined’s training programs, we will eliminate procrastination by scheduling regular appointments. You’ll look forward to your workouts because every one will be different.

You’re running or using the elliptical trainer regularly, but you still look flabby.

Is this you?

Aerobic exercise in any form is good for your cardiovascular system, but done in excess, it may actually be burning muscle for fuel. Building more muscle to improve strength and improve definition is the other half of the equation. Plus, our bodies adapt to whatever regular exercise program you do. Variety in programming is essential to making a change. With Fitness Defined’s training programs, you will never repeat the same workout with me and your body will respond!

You want to exercise, but you have problems with your knees, or back or shoulders.

Is this you?

In more cases than not, we can design a progressive fitness training program to strengthen and stretch the supporting structure around these joints to improve your condition.

You walk, do Pilates and watch what you eat, but you haven’t lost weight.

Is this you?

With my fitness training  program you will learn how to burn more calories working with intervals of higher intensity. Plus, building muscle increases your metabolism so you burn more fuel. And by following the Metabolic Effect nutritional and fat loss program, you’ll learn what foods should help you stabilize your weight and what foods to avoid.

You haven’t exercised regularly for years, and now you’d like to get back to it without injuring yourself.

Is this you?

I will progress you at a safe rate and incorporate stretching and myo-fascial
release to help keep your body injury-free.

My goal is to help you not only get fit but to love exercise and make it a habit. So no matter how busy life gets, fitness will be a part of your life.