Personal and Semi-Private Training

Lose Fat – Increase Strength – Stay Accountable – Work with a Personal Trainer!
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What is your goal? Increased strength to keep up with your partner or your friends? Weight loss to look and feel better? Firming and toning? Cardiovascular improvement to have more energy?

New 30-minute and 60-minute personal training sessions now available.

Whether you want to lose fat and increase strength, whether you want to compete in a marathon or just hike with your friends, you need a plan to get you to that goal, and you need a coach to design a personal training program to help you fulfill the plan. We will identify your fitness goals, taking into consideration injuries, time frame, budget and access to exercise equipment. We will meet for a fitness evaluation so we have a starting point against which to measure your success. We will then create a fitness training plan that we will follow to get you to your goal. You will also, if desired, be responsible to follow a nutritional plan to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass. We will meet on a schedule and at a location* that is most convenient for you. Periodically we will repeat your fitness evaluation to see that we are adhering to your work out plan and heading for your goal. You might consider sharing your fitness training journey with a spouse or friend for semi-private training. And best of all, I guarantee results or your money back.

Local locations for personal training include: Local locations for personal and semi-private training include: on Zoom, in your backyard, at Doc Edgar Park, Peri Park or Deer Park all in Fairfax, Memorial Park in san Anselmo, Women’s Fitness Center, Fairfax (membership not required; gym limited to five people with masks and social distancing): Woodacre Improvement Club, Woodacre (membership required; gym limited to two people with reservations, masks and social distancing.)