Saturday Boot Camp at Manor School renamed Crybaby Boot Camp!

Although difficult to read in this photo, my boot camp group presented me with a water bottle and tee-shirt today printed with “COACH, Crybaby Bootcamp, Where the whiners workout”. Brilliant! I am officially changing the name of Fitness Defined’s boot camp to “Crybaby Bootcamp”, and invite everyone to come whine about the workouts with the rest of the gang! Thanks you guys…I can’t stop laughing! Every Saturday, 9 am, Manor School kindergarten playground, Fairfax.Crybaby Boot Camp, Where the Whiners Workout

Small group training…more than just a small price

“Hey Mary, I just squatted 75 pounds.”


Kettle bell practice with small training group at Manor School

“Really?” replied Mary. “Let me try your bar.”


And so it went with two friends, part of a small group of four women, working out together, being slightly competitive, Though not too much, just enough to push each member to do their best. Mary squatted 75 pounds, too. And that’s the beauty of small group training.


Not only do group members get pushed to do their best, but they feel accountable to the group to show up.  This adherence to a schedule and the group’s goals makes all the difference in outcomes.


Plus, the members, who may not have been good friends going into the group, now go out for coffee, share books and information about each others’ lives.
They get all the benefits of personal training but share the costs and camaraderie with like-minded fitness enthusiasts who have become great friends. Whether the group shares the goal of increased strength, more aerobic capacity, training for an endurance event or losing weight, I design a plan to help everyone reach their goals. There are three small training group choices each week with four – eight participants. Two groups meet in Fairfax; one is in Forest Knolls.  Once you purchase a small group card, you can drop-in any class. Members welcome new participants.

Five ways we can workout together

Are you looking for ways to improve your strength and endurance?  Try an outdoor fitness class, small group training or personal training for FREE!  Contact me to try out one of these five workout opportunities.

1) Small Group Training at Manor School, Tuesdays, 4 pm (men & women)

2) Small Group Training at Forest Knolls Park, Thursdays, 8 am (men & women)

3) Small Group Training at Women’s Fitness Center, Fridays, 4:30 pm (women only)

4) Outdoor fitness class at Manor School, Saturdays 9 am (men & women)

5) Personal training session for you and one or more friends, your preferred day/time at Women’s Fitness Center, Woodacre Improvement Club, TJ’s Gym or your home (men & women)

Sessions combine cardio with strength using weights, medicine balls & kettle bells for a full body workout that will amaze you.

*Burn fat & calories

*Build muscle and change your metabolism

*Develop endurance

*Learn how to eat for health, energy and fat loss

*Have fun! Beginners welcome!



Boot Camp Now Available Thursday Mornings in Forest Knolls

If you can’t make Saturday’s Boot Camp, how about Thursdays at 8 am?  We have a great new group of women and one man sweating it out on Thursdays in Forest Knolls’ cute county park.  It’s right behind Paper Mill Creek Saloon off Sir Francis Drake.  Same format as Saturdays…dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls and jump ropes used in addition to running and body weight exercises to provide a great workout…always with a partner to keep it fun!  Still just $15 to drop in.  And, when the rain starts, we can move to the community center to continue all winter long.  Contact me for more information:

San Geronimo Valley Gets Fit!

Saturday Boot Camp Continues through the Fall

Join us for ten weeks this fall to get leaner and stronger doing fun partner workouts. Although the class is challenging, sharing the work with a partner motivates you beyond your expectations!
When: Aug. 24 – 10 am; Aug. 31, Sept. 7 – 9:30 am; Sept. 14 – no class; Sept. 21 – 9:30 am; Sept. 28 – 10 am; Oct. 5, 12, 19 – 9:30 am; Oct. 26 – 10 am; Nov. 2 – 9:30 am
Men & Women, high school and up are welcome!
Where: Manor School kindergarten playground, 150 Oak Manor Drive, Fairfax
How much: Drop in for $15.
Workouts can be modified for beginner to advanced
Wear athletic shoes; bring an exercise mat, towel and water
Questions or for pre-registration: Call or email: Deirdra Rogers 415-457-7474 (home) 415-218-6783 (cell) or You can also register the day of the workout if you arrive 10 minutes before class starts. For updates, LIKE my Facebook page

Blending Fitness and Travel

Let’s face it! Travel, even if it’s for pleasure, takes you out of your element and makes it difficult to keep up your fitness routine. After all, you can’t do the same things at home that you do on the road. What you can do is PLAN-find out the lay of the land, bring your tools, check out some running trails and even sneak fitness in during your business meetings.

One of the main tips I have to staying fit on the road is to make sure to do some research around possible accommodations before booking. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel with a 24-hour brand new gym by doing a little research on a travel reviews site called Gogobot beforehand. Here I was able to see a list of Maui hotels that I could thumb through to see which ones offered the best fitness amenities. If you are not a gym person and prefer to work outside, you can check into walking/running trails in the area.  If you are neither a gym person nor an outdoor person, bring your favorite portable fitness equipment with you.
One of the best tools for maintaining your fitness routine is your smartphone!  The article – The Best Fitness Travel Apps lists apps that you can download on your phone to maintain your fitness on the go.  Runkeeper is a fitness app that tracks distance, time, and pace.  You can use it for any exercise including running and working out on fitness equipment like the elliptical machine.  There are also several workouts that you can download directly to your phone for easy access including P90X and yoga and Pilates workouts.  Check out the app store or marketplace on your phone to find your favorite workout.
Did you know that running is making a comeback? According to America’s Best Urban Running Trails, more people are running/jogging not only to relieve the stress of traveling but also as a way to see the sights of the city they are visiting.  The article goes on to describe running trails in Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.  If you aren’t traveling to one of these cities, find out what’s available where you are going and pack your running shoes.
Business travel is especially challenging for maintaining fitness – the environment (schedule, meals, etc) is often beyond your control.  The article – How to Stay Fit on the Road offers great tips for maintaining your fitness during business travel including getting into the right mindset, exercising absolutely anywhere, training in your hotel room, exercising in the hotel gym, and maintaining a well-rounded routine.  Getting into the right mindset before your trip will help you stay on track-pack your workout clothes and we’ve already talked about finding out about the workout facilities ahead of time.  Even if you are stuck in a meeting there are lots of ways to “sneak” exercise in.  You can do basic stretches in your seat, take “stand up” breaks every 30 minutes to stretch your legs or even walk a lap around the perimeter of the meeting room.  The open space in most hotel rooms offers lots of options for exercising even without exercise equipment.  You can do yoga or Pilates, light aerobics like jumping jacks or step-ups, or even body-weight exercises like pushups or lunges.  The hotel gym is another way to go.  Maintaining a well-rounded routine involves managing one’s own eating, sleeping, along with your exercise.  Eating can be a huge challenge during business travel because someone else usually provides the meals.  If there are no healthy options available, eat what’s available in moderation and load up on WATER which will keep you hydrated and help flush out the bad food.  Being well –rested is also important for business travel.  Make sure to get a good night’s sleep so that you are awake and alert for anything the business day throws at you.
Follow these tips and you will be ready to hit the road (and maintain your fitness) any time!  Good luck!

Guest blogpost by Mike Manning


The Scientific Seven-Minute Workout

Want a great little 7-minute workout you can do anywhere? The New York Times understands the benefits of short, high intensity training. Here’s a link to the science and the workout.

Saturday Summer Boot Camp is Back!

Men & Women, high school and up are welcome!
Get fit doing fun stuff* for twelve Saturday mornings this summer. You will amaze yourself!
When: June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, Aug. 3, 10, 17 from 8:30-9:30 am
Where: Manor School kindergarten playground, 150 Oak Manor Drive, Fairfax
How much: Purchase a punch card for eight or more classes at $12.50/class, or drop in for $15. Buy a class card and get a free jump rope! Contact to register and pre-purchase cards. No refund for unused classes.
Workouts can be modified for beginner to advanced
Wear athletic shoes; bring an exercise mat, towel and water
*Fun stuff like bear walks, wall walks,  and mountain climbers and partner exercises like wheelbarrows, med ball sit-ups and Indian runs. Enjoy competition and camaraderie while getting stronger, faster and leaner.

For more information and to pre-register, contact  or 415-218-6783.

Jumping for joy tuck jump style at last summer's boot camp

How Physical Activity Helps Some Cancer Sufferers

This is a guest blog post from Melanie Bowen who is passionate about exercise for cancer patients

Many studies have shown the effects of daily exercise upon cancer patients and those in recovery from treatment. The results vary for the type of cancer that fitness helps. In cases of cancer patients who have been through breast or colon cancer treatment, exercise can reduce the risk of cancer redeveloping by almost 50 percent. However, what about physical activity for other types of cancers such as lung cancer or mesothelioma? Andrea Cheville, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic suggests that exercise is always important but many cancer patients aren’t well informed on how to get physically active in a healthy way during or after cancer. Fitness is an important part of a daily routine to build strength, confidence and wellbeing. It can also bring energy balance back into the body and increase blood circulation. So where do you start?


Just Getting into Exercise

It’s okay to start small with physical activity. In fact, that’s what most doctors recommend. Many cancer patients see a daily walk as a triumph in the beginning, but over time will see immense improvements. In addition to walking, stretching, yoga, rowing, swimming and other light impact exercises can help build muscular and bone strength in the body. It’s important to realize that exercise is meant to improve mobility and produce endorphins, so if you don’t feel that exercise is producing a happy effect or you feel sicker after exercising, it may not be the right choice to start physical activity. As always, check with your doctor about a plan to get more physically active if you have cancer.
Benefits of Low Impact Exercises

For many cancer patients, it’s difficult to get around at first. There is a real lack of energy that comes from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many patients choose to lift light weights at home, or try other at-home exercise to see improvements. Swimming, light aerobics and even tai chi are some other great ways to get started with low impact exercise. Each of these physical activities moves your body, develops muscle strength, alleviates stress and builds your fitness level. In a few short weeks of doing low impact exercises, you can see improvements and build upon your physical activities for more rigorous training.
Taking the Next Step

Physical activity for cancer patients will always be relative to how their bodies cope with the changes. If the body is still weak after exercise or more cancer treatment is necessary, it’s important to check with your doctor about the types of activities available to you. It’s important to realize that not all cancer patients will find the benefits of cancer to be ideal. There are all types of cancers out there, and some with more extreme effects may not be able to handle any stress to the body for a certain period after treatment. However, even the slightest exercise can benefit a patient so it is very important to speak with your doctor and find out what is right for you.