Don’t believe these three fitness determinants propagated by the fitness and fashion industries

#1 Your scale indicates your level of health
#2 Your daily workout ”routine” will make/keep you fit
#3 All calories are created equal.

Today I will tell the real story about the most insidious of the misinformation from the fashion and fitness industry…the scale indicates your level of health.
(Over the next two weeks, I will also discuss the downfalls of a daily workout “routine” and the mistaken idea that all calories are created equal. )

The scale indicates your health….don’t believe it.
Rather than worry about your scale weight, focus on your body composition.This is a much more comprehensive measure of your health, one that takes into account the underlying components of your weight: how much of your body is fat, how much is muscle tissue, and how much is bone and water.

By focusing on body composition and working to reduce your proportion of stored fat to muscle, you’ll look leaner, you’ll be more fit, and you can safely ignore the scale.
But you may find you weigh more as you develop a better body composition. This doesn’t seem right to many clients, and I understand the frustration this causes. But when your diet and exercise are in order, muscle begins to replace fat, and your density actually increases, leading to a higher scale weight despite improved body composition.

This is where many fitness adherents, especially women, go off the rails. They dial in diet and exercise, they lift and run, and they find their scale weight stays the same (or increases), leading them to believe they’re not making progress.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Tape measurements or clothing sizes may decrease as body fat vanishes, but the scale doesn’t necessarily follow suit — and once you’re healthy, it never will.

The takeaway:  Stop relying on the scale. take measurements with a tape measure. Have your body fat measured. (I can help you with both these measurements.) Just don’t believe a thing the scale tells you. It is not the true measure of your health and fitness.