Accomplish Your Fitness Goals

We will design a program to reach your fitness goals

Lose Weight

You cannot exercise off your extra weight, but combining a fitness program with a nutritional plan can get you to your goals. During our training sessions, we will do interval conditioning work outs so that you combine full body exercises while keeping your heart rate up. You will also be instructed to exercise cardiovascularly twice a week outside of our training sessions.
Cardiovascular exercise will be combined with a nutritional program where I will help you transition from grains, sugar and dairy to fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats (or substitutes) to lose excess pounds and gain energy.

Build Strength

As much as you may want weight (fat) loss, you don’t want muscle and bone density loss. We will build muscle to improve strength, definition and bone density which in turn increases your metabolism for better weight loss. More muscle also helps keep balance up and frailty down. We will design a program with medical conditions in mind so you can be the best that you can be. And your nutritional program will help you build and maintain muscle…not fat.

Improve Mobility

Muscles get tight with exercise, sitting makes us stiff, aging impacts our posture and stress takes its toll on our bodies. We will spend time each session to work on mobility and flexibility to counter balance all of these problems.

Nutritional Counseling

I will help with the Metabolic Effect, a nutritional plan that keep you feeling full and energetic. We will reduce sugars and carbohydrates in favor of protein and fat to fuel your workouts, build muscle and burn fat.

We will use a food diary to stay on track!

Stay Motivated

Having a personal trainer to guide you and encourage you will keep you motivated. Having new exercises to try will keep you interested. Having new workouts with every session makes exercising fun. And having someone designing a fitness and nutritional program for you keeps you accountable and progressing toward your fitness goals.