Designing Your Fitness Program

As your trainer, I will provide you with the knowledge, support and accountability to keep you motivated and looking forward to your fitness program workouts in Marin County.  We will start with a baseline assessment, and every six to 12 weeks, we will reassess to analyze your problems and celebrate your improvements.

1. Rather than trying to improve cardiovascular fitness with unproductive hours on the elliptical trainer  or treadmill, I will substitute efficient, productive 10-20-minute cardiovascular interval workouts whether in a Marin County gym, home, or park.

2. Your fitness program will focus on building muscle to improve strength and definition, to increase your metabolism for better weight control, and which in turn will improve bone density , will improve  your balance, and will help prevent the frailty one experiences with aging.

3. I will design a fitness program with any past injuries and current medical conditions in mind so you can be the best that you can be. There is always an alternative, a modification or substitution to allow great workouts despite physical limitations.

4. I will include mobility and stretching to help prevent injury, promote recovery and keep you moving pain free for the life of your fitness program.

5. I will work with you on nutrition to support your new, active lifestyle, build muscle and lose fat.