Deirdra Rogers, Personal Trainer

About Me

I love being strong and fit with energy to spare. I want to help others experience this level of wellness. I was fortunate that my parents raised me to be active… I played tennis in the summers and figure skated and studied ballet in the winter. When I moved to California, I added road and mountain biking and taught Jazzercise.

Turning Fitness into a Business

I opened Fitness Break,  an aerobics center with weight equipment, in the early 80’s in San Francisco’s financial district. For eleven years, Fitness Break catered to time-constrained office workers. But after the birth of my son, I sold the business and became a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in Marin County.


My Certifications and Awards

ACE Personal Trainer
IDEA Advanced Level Personal Trainer
Crossfit Level I Coach Certified
AIFE Older Adult Fitness Certified
AIS Activated Isolated Stretching Certified
Group Cycling Certified
PIYO certified
Completed five centuries
Competed in two Crossfit competitions

We are all athletes at different levels, and you will benefit from training whether preparing for a competitive sport or preparing to maintain your independence through your lifetime. Appropriate progression is the key to a successful fitness program.

I will show you the latest workout techniques that will produce great results. You will lose fat, gain muscle, have greater aerobic capacity, and be more balanced and flexible.