Small group training…more than just a small price

“Hey Mary, I just squatted 75 pounds.”


Kettle bell practice with small training group at Manor School

“Really?” replied Mary. “Let me try your bar.”


And so it went with two friends, part of a small group of four women, working out together, being slightly competitive, Though not too much, just enough to push each member to do their best. Mary squatted 75 pounds, too. And that’s the beauty of small group training.


Not only do group members get pushed to do their best, but they feel accountable to the group to show up.  This adherence to a schedule and the group’s goals makes all the difference in outcomes.


Plus, the members, who may not have been good friends going into the group, now go out for coffee, share books and information about each others’ lives.
They get all the benefits of personal training but share the costs and camaraderie with like-minded fitness enthusiasts who have become great friends. Whether the group shares the goal of increased strength, more aerobic capacity, training for an endurance event or losing weight, I design a plan to help everyone reach their goals. There are three small training group choices each week with four – eight participants. Two groups meet in Fairfax; one is in Forest Knolls.  Once you purchase a small group card, you can drop-in any class. Members welcome new participants.