Fitness Defined Personal Training with Deirdra

Hi!  My name is Deirdra Rogers.  I am a personal trainer based in Fairfax, California. My business, Fitness Defined, provides personal, semi-private, and small group training in Marin County, California.  Most of the training takes place in San Rafael, Fairfax, and Woodacre working with you either at your home or in select gyms.

I believe we are all athletes at different levels.

small group training at Fitness Defined
Small group training in Fairfax, CA with Personal Trainer Deirdra Rogers

Whether you are an experienced fitness buff interested in pushing to the next level, or you are new to exercise ready to lose weight and develop  a fitness plan to optimize your health, or you are concerned about aging and maintaining your independence through your lifetime, Fitness Defined personal training programs are custom tailored to your needs. After an initial evaluation, I will create an individualized program to meet your goals. You will learn the latest workout techniques that will help you will lose fat, gain muscle, have greater aerobic capacity, and be more balanced and flexible.

For those who want to incorporate healthier eating and fat loss, I use the Metabolic Effect program. This program is not about counting calories, but it promotes healthy eating and exercising for a positive hormonal response to lose pounds and gain energy.  I will  build a plan that will lower sugars and carbohydrates in favor of protein and fat to fuel your workouts, build muscle and burn fat.

Fitness Defined - Personal Training
Have fun and achieve your goals at Fitness Defined in Fairfax, CA

Having trouble staying motivated? Having a personal trainer to guide you and encourage you will keep you motivated.  And having a Fitness Defined fitness and nutritional program designed just for you keeps you accountable and progressing towards your fitness goals.

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